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Clouballet Owner and Teacher |Tao Zhang

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Teacher Zhang graduated from Beijing Dance Academy.

Master's in Arts Education from King's College London (KCL).

Registered ballet teacher of the Beijing Dance Academy's dance grading institute.

Former ballet instructor at the Beijing Dance Academy's dance grading institute.

Former lecturer at the National Grand Theater salon.

Former ballet teacher and choreographer for various schools and institutions in Beijing.

Co-founder of the Ballet Commune self-media.

Since entering the ballet education industry in 2015, Teacher Zhang has 6 years of teaching experience. All students taught by Teacher Zhang for the Beijing Dance Academy ballet grading have a 100% pass rate. Students taught range in age from 6 to adulthood, and he is highly praised among her students. Starting at the age of 10, Teacher Zhang studied ballet performance at the affiliated middle school of Beijing Dance Academy. After graduating from the affiliated school, he began to study dance education. During his studies in education, psychology, dance teaching methods, and other specialized courses, he realized the vast difference between performance and teaching. Later, Teacher Zhang went to the UK to study arts education at King's College London (KCL), further improving himself.

Being able to dance doesn't necessarily mean one can teach, and identifying a problem doesn't mean one can solve it. Every student is a unique individual with their own personality, foundation, and abilities. Communicating with students and teaching various types of students are very real challenges in ballet education. Throughout his long-term ballet teaching, Teacher Zhang has continuously learned and improved, striving to assist ballet learners and enthusiasts, hoping to contribute to the ballet education industry. 张老师毕业于北京舞蹈学院









所教授学生年龄段从6岁到成年, 在学生中广受好评


附中毕业后开始学习舞蹈教育专业, 在教育学,心理学, 舞蹈教学法等等专业课学习中明白了表演 与教学的巨大不同, 后来张老师到英国, 在伦敦国王学院(kcl) 学习艺术教育, 进一步提升自己

会跳不一定会教, 发现问题不代表能解决问题, 每个学生都是不同的个体, 有着自己的个性, 基础, 能力, 如何与学生沟通, 如何教授各类学生都是在芭蕾教育中非常现实的问题, 张老师在长期的芭蕾教学中, 不断学习和进步, 努力帮助芭蕾学习者, 爱好者, 希望为芭蕾教育行业献出自己一份力.

成人芭蕾无关身高,无关体重,无关比例, 自信的生活态度和优雅气质是真正的芭蕾精神❤️

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